Welcome to Crooked Clove Garlic Farm & Ranch!
Thank you all for your orders and your interest! Though we have met a lot of great people and have learned so much in this great endeavor, we will be taking a step back from garlic farming until further notice. Thank you and God Bless!

Summer is flying by at the Garlic Farm

Its pretty crazy to see the garlic almost ready for harvest.

It seems like such a short time ago that we were planting and mulching, it’s hard to believe that its time to start pulling the garlic! We, of course, have been busy busy as usual! We had kidding season with the goats and those babies are now all in the process of going to their new homes. We tilled and planted a 3,000 sf market garden and started our roadside stand. We weeded the entire garlic field several times by hand, with the help of some of our awesome teenage neighbor boys. There were several big storms where we sat inside and bit our nails, praying that hail would miss us. (We are in the ‘hail belt,’ with 1in+ diameter hail quite common.)

We harvested hundreds of pounds of scapes which were sold to some of the top restaurants in Denver, and also made into our amazing scape pesto and pickled scapes. We also smoked and dehydrated a whole bunch of them and turned those into smoked scape powder. Our Asiatic garlic varieties started coming up last week and many other varieties are starting to look ready as well.

This was a tough year for our Asiatics and Turbans, as they have the tendency to sprout really early and then suffer frost damage. We planted seven different varieties and will be selecting down to the top two or three to keep on the farm. The plants that did not suffer frost damage were of good size though, which makes us happy!