Welcome to Crooked Clove Garlic Farm & Ranch!
Thank you all for your orders and your interest! Though we have met a lot of great people and have learned so much in this great endeavor, we will be taking a step back from garlic farming until further notice. Thank you and God Bless!

Springtime on the Garlic Farm

Its been a very busy spring here on the farm!

Not only have we been busy finishing up mulching the garlic farm to make sure the plants are protected from drying out in the summer heat, but we’ve been planning our market garden as well! Peas and radishes are already in the ground, and we have asparagus and raspberry plants ordered as well as potatoes and of course this years batch of seeds!

We have some new additions to the farm in the form of a whole new flock of little chicks. These arrived in February and should start laying lots of eggs for our farm stand customers by late June! We have baby goats both on the ground and on the way as well!

The garlic sprouted in February and has been growing slowly but surely ever since! What a great feeling to see those green sprouts poking up! We will be making a compost tea and fertilizing it sometime next month to give it a nutritional boost.