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Seed Persian Star

Seed Persian Star
  • Bushel of garlic from Crooked Clove garlic farm.
    Bushel of garlic from Crooked Clove garlic farm.

$10.00 - $17.00 / lbs

Crooked Clove Seed Chesnok Red Garlic is available for $11.00 a Half Pound & $18.00 for One Pound.

Due to severe last min tech issues and limited inventory we will only be taking orders via email. We will make a best effort to update inventory real time on the site. Please leave a phone number on your order! Orders will be invoiced via Paypal. Send orders to


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Persian star garlic is a very well performing cultivar here on our farm. Even with a tough growing season, it produced nice bulbs. The flavor is a medium spicy when raw and makes a mellow roasted garlic.

Purple stripe garlic is genetically the ancestor of all other garlics. They grow best in cooler Northern climates with cold winters. They produce striking bulbs with vivid purple stripes. Purple Stripes are fantastic culinary garlics. They have a strong, rich garlic flavor and are great for roasting.

Our Culinary Garlic is excellent for kitchen use but still contains a lot of garden worthy cloves for planting! Although Large Seed is preferable for the serious gardener and small farm, typically half or more of the cloves in our Small Seed/Culinary Garlic are worth planting and will result in a fine harvest!

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