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Culinary Lorz Italian

Culinary Lorz Italian
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  • Lorz Italian Garlic
    Lorz Italian garlic is an heirloom brought from Italy to Washington in the 1800's. Lorz Italian garlic adapts to both hot summers & cooler climates.

$7.00 - $11.00 / lbs

Crooked Clove Culinary Culinary Lorz Italian Garlic is available for $8.00 a Half Pound & $12.00 for One Pound.

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Out of stock

Lorz Italian garlic is an heirloom brought from Italy to Washington in the 1800’s.  It adapts to both hot summers and cooler climates and is quite productive. It has beautiful, plump cloves and a complex garlicy flavor.  We love using it in sauces as it holds its flavor well. Stores well, 8+ months.

All of the softneck Lorz Italian garlic we grow here at Crooked Clove are of the artichoke variety.  These varieties are a bit milder than many of our hardneck varieties, yet still have good flavor.  Artichoke cultivars are widely adapted and grow well in a wide range of climates.

Large Seed Garlic is especially desirable for serious gardeners and small farmers as bigger cloves tend to generate bigger plants. Large Seed gives consistently large cloves with fewer small cloves remaining for culinary use. Large Seed Garlic sells fast, so be sure to get your orders in early!

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