Welcome to Crooked Clove Garlic Farm & Ranch!
Thank you all for your orders and your interest! Though we have met a lot of great people and have learned so much in this great endeavor, we will be taking a step back from garlic farming until further notice. Thank you and God Bless!

Meet The Crooked Clove Farmers

Crooked Clove Garlic Farm & Ranch in larkspur, Colorado is family owned & operated

Crooked Clove is Family Owned & Operated

Crooked Clove was started by David Smit and his wife, Rochele Smit. They have two young boys, Elliott and Gabriel, and had always dreamed of starting a farm. After nearly a decade of sitting behind a computer in the financial industry, David finally had enough and they started looking for the perfect property. It took over a year, but they found a beautiful piece of land south of Denver, CO in the wonderful community of Larkspur.

No strangers to growing great produce, it didn’t take long for them to decide to focus on one of their favorite crops, garlic. Colorado’s climate is perfect for garlic. The high altitude, dry sunny weather and cold winters produce some spectacular garlic.

Crooked Clove Garlic is naturally grown & harvested the old fashioned way

About Crooked Clove Farm

Crooked Clove is not only beautiful…
but it is rich in history.

It was originally settled in the 1860’s and there are still several original buildings on site including the original one room house and a blacksmith. It was situated along a stagecoach line and also served as a hotel and post office.

Our garlic and produce is naturally grown, we don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. We use only organic additives to the soil, and practice crop rotation and heavy mulching to protect the soil’s integrity. We are now Certified Naturally Grown. We have our garlic tested every year for nematodes and are happy to say that we are nematode free.

Crooked Clove is also home to a large flock of free range chickens and you will often find fresh eggs at the farm stand. Our small herd of dairy goats provides milk for our wonderful soaps and lotions as well as daily entertainment. We have planted many flowers to attract and provide for bees and hummingbirds.

the crooked clove garlic farm & ranch sign

crooked clove garlic farm is not only beautiful, but rich in history

crooked clove garlic farm is family owned & operated growing garlic naturally

crooked clove garlic farm also has chickens

crooked clove crooked clove garlic farm also has a llama