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Thank you all for your orders and your interest! Though we have met a lot of great people and have learned so much in this great endeavor, we will be taking a step back from garlic farming until further notice. Thank you and God Bless!

Crooked Clove Culinary Garlic

$7.00Half Pound (1/2 Lb)

$11.00Whole Pound (1 Lb)

Our Small Seed/Culinary Garlic is excellent for kitchen use but still contains a lot of garden worthy cloves for planting! Although Large Seed is preferable for the serious gardener and small farm, typically half or more of the cloves in our Small Seed/Culinary Garlic are worth planting and will result in a fine harvest! These bulbs don’t quite make the 1.75″ cutoff required to be premium Large Seed but are a cost effective way to enjoy both the gardening and culinary aspect of “real” garlic! Please be aware that breaking bulbs apart into cloves does significantly reduce your garlic’s shelf life, so if you want maximum storage for culinary use you’ll still want to keep whole bulbs aside.

Crooked Clove Garlic Variety Packs

Can’t decide on a particular variety? Need a great gift idea for the chef in your life? We’ve got you covered! These delicious garlic variety packs come with at least a pound of four different types of Crooked Clove garlic.

Asiatic Garlic

Asiatic Garlic is the earliest maturing varieties of garlic on the farm. Their leaves are more of a yellow green than our other cultivars. Asiatics actually store quite well if harvested at the right time. We harvest them when only two leaves have began to turn brown. These are some of the hottest garlics and can be quite firey when raw, but they also have complex flavors.

Glazed Purple Stripe Garlic

Glazed Purple Stripe garlic is the most striking of our garlics. Glazed Purple Stripes have beautiful purple wrappers with silver and gold undertones. They store well and make fine culinary garlic.

Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic

Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic grows well in Northern climates, but can do well in Southern climates as well. They have more cloves than the Porcelains, but fewer than the Purple Stripes. They can be quite hot when raw and are not as prominent when cooked.

Porcelain Garlic

Porcelain Garlic is the most impressive garlic plant. They grow lush and tall, and the bulbs can get very large. It is typical to find 4-6 huge cloves. They peel easily and have great market appeal. They are very cold hardy and grow well in Northern climates, at the same time doing better in Southern climates than many other hardnecks. Porcelains also have the highest allicin content, the sulfer compound that gives garlic its therapeutic benefits.

Purple Stripe Garlic

Purple stripe garlic is genetically the ancestor of all other garlics. They grow best in cooler Northern climates with cold winters. They produce striking bulbs with vivid purple stripes. Purple Stripes are fantastic culinary garlics. They have a strong, rich garlic flavor and are great for roasting.

Rocambole Garlic

Rocambole Garlic is among the most widely grown and coveted garlic cultivars. Their raw heat is nicely balanced by a deep and rich flavor, with sweet undertones. They are excellent in any dish where you want to showcase the garlic flavor. Of course, with this being said, the rocamboles downside is that they do not store long. The cloves are big and easy to peel, which contributes to this. Sometimes, you will find double cloves.

Softneck Garlic

All of the softneck garlic we grow here at Crooked Clove are of the artichoke variety. These varieties are a bit milder than many of our hardneck varieties, yet still have good flavor. Artichoke cultivars are widely adapted and grow well in a wide range of climates.

Turban Garlic

Turban garlic is weakly bolting and early harvesting. The bulbs are distinctly short and flattened., but are beautiful with their bright purple stripes. They do not store as long as the Asiatics and are quite quick to sprout. They are hot when raw, but more simple and subtle when cooked.

Creole Garlic

Originating primarily in Spain, Creoles are well suited for warmer southerly climates and are considered more drought tolerant than other cultivars. The creole varieties we grow have proven to do well in the cold land-locked winters of Colorado as well. Creoles are always in high demand due to their fine taste, visually appealing cloves, and long storage life of 7-8 months.